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ELIZABETH CAROL WINCHESTER | Fine Jewelry, Encaustic Art, Oil Painting and Photography

Elizabeth is an artist designing and creating in a multitude of mediums.

She is a jeweller of precious accessories, harmoniously mingling beauty into everyday life while proposing a modern chic to accompany daily deeds. Her creations of fine jewelry are representations of that which is strongly familiar. Her extensive line of necklaces and earrings utilize an array of metals such as sterling silver, yellow and white gold, and platinum. Her first line of jewelry, named FURCULA, find the wishbone re-defined in its purpose as utilitarian while still maintaining its organic identity through the relation of its soft and flowing silhouette.

Other jewelry designs also maintain her level of high-quality craftsmanship while employing a hand-made esthetic. Elizabeth's collection of stone-in-silver belt buckles are often "one-of-a-kinds", as she carves, shapes and polishes each stone by hand, then forms sterling-silver encasings around them. Her Reticulated Silver and Fused Gold creations are simple, yet completely organic. This process uses heat to melt and move the metals creating unique textures and tones in each piece.

Encaustic is known to be one of the world's oldest forms of painting and dates back to ancient Greece. Encaustic employs the use of wax and pigments that are heated to their melting points, then "worked" onto a chosen surface in a layered series of texture and color.