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Elizabeth's creations of fine jewelry are representations of that which is strongly familiar. Her extensive line of necklaces and earrings utilize an array of metals such as sterling silver, yellow and white gold, and platinum. Her first line of jewelry, named FURCULA, find the wishbone re-defined in its purpose as utilitarian while still maintaining its organic identity through the relation of its soft and flowing silhouette.

Other jewelry designs also maintain her level of high-quality craftsmanship while employing a hand-made esthetic. Elizabeth's collection of stone-in-silver belt buckles are often "one-of-a-kinds", as she carves, shapes and polishes each stone by hand, then forms sterling-silver encasings around them. Her Reticulated Silver and Fused Gold creations are simple, yet completely organic. This process uses heat to melt and move the metals creating unique textures and tones in each piece.

In this fashion, her “Furcula” (Wishbone) line of jewelry is a representation of what is familiar. An extensive line of necklaces and earrings incorporates an array of metals, sterling silver, yellow 14 karat gold and white gold, while harmonizing with precious and semi-precious stones such as opal, tourmaline, turquoise and diamonds. Other accessories such as bracelets and belt buckles find the wishbone re-defined in a more utilitarian purpose, while still maintaining its inherent organic identity.

Her line of stone belt-buckles is reminiscent of the American southwest, showcasing carved stone encased in sterling silver. Stones include turquoise, fossils, thalite and much more. Another expression of design and décor is Elizabeth’s line of reticulated and handhammered cuff bracelets in Sterling Silver. Some bracelets are dipped, creating additional texture and color while others are perforated, punctured or have added elements of copper and brass. Elizabeth’s other creations include gold nugget necklaces, necklaces of circle pendants with balls of gold and sterling silver, as well as a series of kats paw necklaces.

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